Fabrication of fittings, installation works of pipes and valves and fittings of the by-pass line for strategic water tanks project of Riyadh. Installation of carbon steel pipes that includes 3mm gap assembly, welding, 10% X-ray test from the installed joints, wrapping the welded joint after X-ray by adhesive tape, cement lining for the welded joints for the following sizes: Pipes 80” length 220m, Pipes 72” length 910m; Installation of elbows 7 pcs of 72 ∅; Installation of tees equal, cross and reducing 8 pcs of 72” to 80” ∅; Fabrication and installation of Blind Flange/End Cap 6 pcs of 72” ∅; Installation of valve for valve chamber type D and C; Installation of air release valve type inside chamber and deep line.